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Expert live multi camera video production companypecialising in live event coverage and corporate conferences
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Sometimes one camera is not enough. We cover every angle, enticing audiences with more complex coverage.

We have many years experience directing live TV, events and shows. We can also minimise the number of people in your live studio space by using a combination of manned and remote robotic cameras.

Remote & Crewed Cameras

We can implement small cameras which can be controlled remotely or we can have bring attended cameras into your live production. This gives us the flexibility to add whatever is necessary to guarantee we have every angle covered.

Fixed Robotic Cameras

Variably known as remote, robotic or PTZ cameras, these compact and lightweight cameras can be mounted easily and controlled by a single operator who can handle multiple cameras simultaneously without being physically co-located with each unit. This makes PTZ cameras ideal for events, areas and buildings that aren’t designed and will not naturally accommodate a camera and crew.  Robotic cameras are perfect for old buildings like guild halls and churches, as well as operating theatres, concert halls, conference rooms and home studios.

Multi Camera Production

We have many years broadcast experience in directing live multi camera events. We can bring this expertise into your live production.

Live Event Coverage

Whether it’s a trade show, conference, round table seminar, product launch or demonstration. We can base ourselves at your studio and event location and combine in person experiences with online components.
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