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Live video production & outside broadcast company

We live stream to global audiences via the web or play out to giant screens from your location.

The live event video we create will engage, inform and entertain the audience whilst delivering your message and brand.

Portable Production Units

Our kit is fully portable and our main control unit could be carried as hand luggage on flights. But if we’re staying on terra firma our kit including cameras, lights and sound are transported to your location in a fully electric vehicle.

Outside Broadcast

Our portability allows us rapid setup of a remote studio facility just about anywhere, providing we have mains power and a reliable internet connection.

Virtual Events

Running a virtual event should be stress free. We will guide you through every step of the process from planning your event to technical testing and rehearsing. When we go live you can be reassured that our team is very experienced and can keep calm if any issues arise.

Live Remote Production

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the dynamics of live production for the video industry. In the past, remote production teams required the use of expensive equipment, vans and satellite uplinks to broadcast live audio and video back to their clients. Our technology allows you to be able to be live from anywhere, streaming video and audio feeds seamlessly.

Recorded Video Production

Due to scheduling sometimes it isn't possible for all participants to be live throughout your event. We can pre-record interviews,demonstrations and roundtables and play them out to your timetable.

Live Replays And Graphics Systems

Your imagination is the limit. With our vMix studio we can provide virtual sets and 3D studios. With a setup of up to 8 cameras, we have the option to offer multiple camera angles, including replays, play in play and slow-mo, perfect for anything from sports games to multi-room events.
To truly showcase your brand we can add your company colours and your logo. Our graphics can be played throughout your event, from stingers to name straps to fact boxes, and much more.

Fixed Robotic Cameras

Variably known as remote, robotic or PTZ cameras, these compact and lightweight cameras can be mounted easily and controlled by a single operator who can handle multiple cameras simultaneously without being physically co-located with each unit. This makes PTZ cameras ideal for events, areas and buildings that aren’t designed and will not naturally accommodate a camera and crew.  Robotic cameras are perfect for old buildings like guild halls and churches, as well as operating theatres, concert halls, conference rooms and home studios.

vMix Pro Specialist

vMix is a complete live video production software solution with features including live mixing, switching, recording and live streaming of SD, full HD and 4K video. Sources include cameras, video files, DVDs, images, Powerpoint and much much more. We use vMix in all our live events.
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