vMix Specialists

vMix Specialists
vMix specialist for web video production & streamingExpert vMix video hardware and software company
vMix specialists available for work in London and across the UK

vMix specialist for web video production & streaming

vMix is the ideal tool for streaming and broadcasting live events. We are able to control multiple inputs varying from cameras and video calls to YouTube videos and audio sources. We can playback video clips and superimpose multiple graphics. With virtual studio, we can create a modern looking studio environment with just a simple green screen. With vMix replay we can do sports TV style replays, fully integrating Zoom, Skype and Teams into the production.

Integrating Zoom, Skype & Teams

Zoom has emerged as the teleconference tool of choice. We can integrate our production software with Zoom, Teams and Skype giving your audience branding, graphics, video and music. We can then re-broadcast the meeting on your website or social media platform.

Live Graphics Playback

We can add high performance animated graphics from 100+ built-in animated titles, scoreboards and tickers. We can also add bespoke branding and breathtaking virtual sets with just a simple green screen.

VT Playback

With vMix, we can playback video content as individual clips or an automated playlist of recorded content clips.

vMix Call: Live interview Solutions

vMix Call is the easiest way to add guests to your live production. We simply share a URL for your remote participants to login,  up to the 8 callers per show. vMix Call integrates Automatic Mix Minus for every remote guest which eliminates echo and saves time.Automatic Mix Minus allows vMix Call to provide true full duplex audio without compromises for crisp high quality speech even under tough conditions.

vMix Replay

Enhance your live sports productions with the power of EVS style instant replay! vMix Replay continuously records up to four cameras simultaneously in full HD so operators can review the action and jump back to any point in the game all with real time control over camera angle and playback speed.
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