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vMix Pro


A Live Production Gallery/ Outside Broadcast Unit

It's an all in one system.

vMix pro is the ideal tool for streaming, broadcasting and live events.

We are able to control multiple inputs varying from cameras and video calls to YouTube videos and audio sources

We can playback unlimited video clips as well as superimpose multiple graphics. With vMix replay we can do sports TV style instant replays and with Vmix call, we can take up to 8 incoming Skype style interviewees.

With virtual inputs we can take a 4K camera signal and get multiple

1920 x 1080 crops from that camera. At a press conference, from a carefully framed 4K wide shot we can get a  single 1920 x 1980 input

of each panel member. 

A 1+1 interviews with 2 x 4k cameras cross shooting, each framed up on over shoulder 2-shot but both cameras giving the single and the 2 shot.

(2 cameras = 4 inputs on V-mix)


vMix Pro:

Total Number of Inputs  - 1000

Maximum Resolution - 4096x2160

Overlay/key channels - 4

Recording, streaming, full-screen & external output, video (play)list

MultiCorder, two external & full-screen record outputs

Instant Replay camera channels - 4

Number of simultaneous vMix Call inputs - 8


Contact Us

07967 182915

Based in Norwich, Norfolk.

Available for work across the UK & beyond

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